With its establishment in 2010, Vanacore Napoli has swiftly made its mark in the shirt-making industry, earning a spot in renowned department stores across the globe.


Using only the best fabrics from the most prominent textile manufacturers in the world, Vanacore shirts and shirt jackets are handmade with the finest details – our patterns are cut by hand, with several steps made entirely by hands such as buttonholes, bar tacks, side gussets, and the shoulder stitching.

What really makes Vanacore shirts stand out are the beautifully executed collar models, from S-shaped spread collars to well-crafted, rolling button-downs.

We call it a modern chic.


Emerging from a lineage immersed in the automotive sales sector, brothers Luigi and Salvatore Nunziata delved into the realm of shirts, rapidly developing an affection for the product and wholeheartedly committing themselves to driving the advancement of their business.

Today, they have successfully established Vanacore as a prominent player in the global market, primarily focusing on manufacturing shirts and shirt jackets.


Our atelier in Portici, Naples is where we take great pride in producing our garments. With ten highly specialized tailors and seamstresses, as well as external embroiderers, we ensure that every piece is crafted to perfection.

With a focus on innovation and traditional handicraft, Vanacore brings you a collection of stylish shirts with unique patterns and new collar designs. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously craft each garment using either 9 or 25 precise hand-made steps, ensuring that the final product is tailored to your individual preferences.

The Art of Creating a Handmade Shirt